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Ceramic signature platters make unique wedding guest books. Guests sign a hand painted, personalized platter with a special black marker. Fire in your home oven for 30 minutes and you're done! We currently have four internet baccarat casinos available: an oval platter, an extra large oval platter, a heart shaped platter, and a round platter. Great for wedding anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties, family reunions and more!

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A NORTH Wales inventor believes he has a solution to the evil practice of date-rape drugs being slipped into unsuspecting revellers' drinks. David Burnell, from Colwyn Bay, has spent almost six months designing the internet casinos - a plastic cap which fits on bottles and prevents anything being added to the drink without the drinker knowing. The plastic cap fits on the bottle and locks when a small 'key' is pulled from it.

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ith packages starting at just $5.99 we'll take all the work out of preparing fun baby shower games for your shower. Hundreds of printable games available, delivered straight to your email! Want to make the perfect cake yourself? Check out our new cake decorating links COMING SOON! We've finally gotten ourselves in gear and are making printable internet flash casinos games packages! It'll take awhile, but it'll be worth it! Need tips on planning a baby shower on a budget? We'll have a huge list of ideas for you very soon!