General Rules for Free Poker Tournaments

This article shall expound on the general rules for free poker tournaments and other rules that relate to player etiquette.

  • Don’t Complain about the Seating Arrangement
  • Believe it or not but there are still a number of ignorant people who cannot comprehend the simple fact that seats in free poker tournaments are always randomly assigned! So if you’re planning on participating in a tourney with the hopes of playing selectively and winning because of it – your wish in this case would not be granted.

  • Guests May Not Be Allowed!
  • If you’re the type of player who always plays with your friend sitting behind you, this is may be one of the few rare times that the official rules wouldn’t allow you to continue playing in such a manner.

  • Re-buying of Chips
  • Again, don’t let sheer ignorance rule your thoughts. Some people actually complain about the number of chips they receive, wishing to buy more and not understanding that some tourneys simply work that way: everyone must begin with equal number of chips and then it’s up to them to make those chips last.

    If you have trouble with this rule, it might be best if you simply play in a re-buy tourney instead.

  • Rabbit Hunting
  • Stealing a look at the discarded hands on the table is forbidden in almost all tourneys. This gives a player an unfair advantage over the others.

  • Visibility of Chips
  • All your chips must be placed on the table and where they can be seen by everyone.

  • Betting
  • Even if no words leave your mouth but you push your chips forward, that will be considered a bet.

  • Verbal Discussion
  • Don’t reveal the hand you’re holding!

  • Deliberate Manipulation
  • Don’t speak out loud about other players’ hands for the sole intent of misleading them.

  • Swearing
  • Don’t say bad words or you just might get disqualified!

  • Leaving the Table
  • If you leave the table for any reason at all and you don’t return on time for your turn, your hand will be considered dead.

  • Time
  • Don’t take too long making your next move or you just might be clocked!

  • All-In
  • Show your cards at the showdown if you decided to go all-in.