General Playing Rules for Slot Machines

If it’s your first time to enter the brightly lit and glamorously decorated rooms of any Vegas casino, we’re not surprised if you’re feeling just a bit too nervous and giddy. Above all things, you surely wouldn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb by letting everyone know that it’s your, well first time.

If this is so, we suggest that you try playing the slots first. Slots are not at all complex objects or games that would drive you crazy. When playing the slots, it’s just you and the machine. There’s no dealer, stickman or croupier around with eagle eyes and watching your every move.

Don’t worry though if you’re still feeling a bit apprehensive about playing the slot machines. This article shall provide you with a step by step guide to playing the slots.


Step #1 – Play in one of the slot machines located at the far end of the room, where there are fewer people around and lesser visibility from the main area. Right now, slot placement is not our basic objective so don’t mind if you feel that the slot machine you’re playing seems to be more difficult than the others.

Our goal right now is to ensure that nobody’s going to know you’re new to all this. The lesser they see of you, the better. And since you’re prone to commit most of your mistakes on the first hour of play, it’s truly better that you’re playing where almost nobody can see you – except for the casino’s cameras that is. So no hanky-panky please!

Step #2 – Study each of the slot machine’s coin size. The coin size is slots’ slang for bet size. Choose the machine that you can afford or would like to play.

Step #3 – Before dropping your coins into the slots provided, make sure that you also take careful notice of the description of paylines and slot schedules.

The payline is the term used for any winning set of symbols. The slot schedule would let you know how much payout to expect from each payline.

Some slot machines have just one payline and this is the most basic type of slot you could play. If you find yourself still daunted at the prospect of playing slots with multi-paylines, stick to the one-payline-slots.

Step #4 – If you notice that the slot machine bears the words PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT, this just means that a tiny bit of your bet will be deducted and then added to the pot. This makes the jackpot progressively increase.

And now you’re ready to play the slots. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!